Gemstone Cladding

Gemstone Cladding

The Gemstone cladding range comes in a variety of colours, white, grey and black, all with the same amazing glittering effect we’re sure you’ll love.

Looking for the sparkle effect but don’t want anything too flashy?, try the spectacular Gemstone range which boasts a subtle sparkle across its surface.

Gemstone cladding is the perfect solution for brightening up any tired looking room without the area being overwhelmed by reflective sparkles.

Creating the perfect backdrop to any room without drawing too much attention away from whats really important.

This particular range of our sparkle panels has subtle sparkle effect compared to our other designs, resulting in a surface that is bright and glimmering.

The finest aspect of the Gemstone cladding are the sparkles, embedded in each panel are millions of small tightly packed together sparkles. Resulting in a more refined, consistent and glistening sparkle effect across the face of each panel.

The entire surface looks as if it has been sprinkled with glitter, it shimmers like a gemstone in the light.

The gemstone range would suit a variety of applications not just bathrooms and kitchens, any area that could do with a bit of glamour, such as salons and nail parlours could really benefit from glimmering walls and ceilings, adding to the elegance and flashy aspects expected of such places.

Gemstone cladding suits a high use area perfectly as it is specially designed to be hygienic and easy to clean, providing easy maintenance and time saving aspects for most interior applications.