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    White Ash Cladding 5mm x 250mm x 2700mm

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    5mm White Ash cladding is one of our best selling plastic panels because they are lightweight and look great. With so many types of projects they can be used for, they are a safe choice for your bathrooms, walls and ceilings. With a subtle off white wood grain finish they make any room look clean and bright while adding a bit of character.
    • Panels can be purchased individually
    • Lightweight 5mm thick panel
    • Panel coverage of up to 0.675m²
    • Each panel is 2700mm x 250mm x 5mm in size
    • Quick and simple to install
    • No grouting required
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • 100% Waterproof
    • 100% Recyclable
    £7.99 inc. VAT
    £7.99 inc. VAT