With an extensive range to choose from including water-resistant Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Laminate flooring, you are sure to find a style for your dream bathroom or kitchen.

Stylish water-repellent alternatives to traditional tiles and lino. Available in various natural finishes such as tile, wood plank or beautiful stone effects.

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High quality water-resistant laminate and vinyl floors


Looking for the right flooring for your bathroom or kitchen?

We have alternatives to lino and traditional floor tiles. Here at the Claddingstore, our extensive range of premium quality Luxury Vinyl Tile and High-Density Fibreboard Laminate are perfectly for your bathroom or kitchen.

Choosing the right flooring

Tradinational wood and laminate flooring cannot handle water without it penetrating the surface and swelling. Making it unsuitable in baths, kitchens or utilities.

Both Luxury Vinyl Tile and High-Pressure Laminate floor coverings offer protection against water spills or splashes. Luxury Vinyl Tiles provide you with a 100% waterproof surface and the High-Pressure Laminate gives ample water-resistance. This gives you the assurance your flooring will stand the test of time in high use wet areas such as your bathroom.

Fitting a floor covering that can withstand water splashes without swelling or soaking through is absolutely essential for a bathroom or a kitchen. There’s nothing worse than spilling water onto your floor and the next thing your floor starts swelling and the finished surface is ruined. Ultimately resulting in a costly, time consuming repair or replacement.