Vox Wall Cladding

A pioneer in designer wall cladding, Vox is a well known european name in the industry having been established in 1989. Vox wall cladding is known for being the name to go to for luxury feature wall panels.

VOXAs a leader Vox produce a selection of textured, 3D, waterproof feature wall cladding unlike no other. Ranging from a white brick effect to a textured concrete stone effect it is sure to have something to meet most projects and leave a lasting positive impression.

Vox have a number of specialist ranges that come together using a tongue and groove system making it easy to install due to its light, weight, whilst not compromising on a premium finish.

VOX Motivo wall cladding rangeMotivo

The Vox Motivo range offers 3D printed designs, creating unique feature walls suitable for many projects including your home, office or shop. The design repeats over a selection of 4 large panels.

VOX Motivo Feeling range offers texturesMotivo Feeling

Vox also produce the Motivo Feeling range which differs from other wall cladding in that it offers a unique textured finish giving a natural feel and look unlike most other cladding.

For superior textures and finishes choose Kerradeco VOX wall claddingKerradeco

Kerradeco is a premium wall cladding range from Vox which is often used to create a striking impression often associated with walking into the reception of a modern luxury hotel.

This range features cladding designs like no other and also includes a superior textured finish that will instantly create a wow effect.