Shower wall panels

Shower wall panels

Stronger, wider, thicker with less joins

Shower wall panels are the perfect waterproof choice for bathrooms giving greater wall coverage for bathroom or shower wet walls in no time.

Range of styles & sizes

We have an extensive range of PVC, HPL and Acrylic shower boards in a variety of widths ranging from 600mm to 1200mm.

Shower panels come in various finishes including textures, tile-effects, marbles and glass-like polished surfaces.


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What are shower wall panels?

One of the most popular use cases for cladding is using shower wall panels. They are perfect to quickly refresh, modernise and seal a shower area creating a wet wall barrier. Whatsmore shower wall panels are a cost-effective alternative to traditional shower tiles saving time and money with no expensive wet trades generally required.

Typically wider wall panels are referred to as ‘shower wall panels’. However, a wet wall can be effectively created with any width waterproof board. The benefit however of a wider panel is they offer greater coverage from one board. This means less joins, creating improved aesthetic looks with a near-seamless finish. More importantly, it also reduces water damage risk with fewer opportunities for water to penetrate your walls.

Shower wall panels, due to their increased width, are generally of thicker construction over traditional panel counterparts for strength and rigidity.

Simply fitted together the shower panels will have a square edge profile (when no joins are required on your wall) or a tongue and groove profile.  Simply sealed with a bead of silicone inside the join when installing to form an invisible waterproof seal.

Shower panels offer a clean, modern and easy solution as well as being cost-effective.

Watertight panels for shower enclosures

Looking for an alternative to tiling your shower area and enclosure? Our high-quality PVC cladding is the perfect solution for you. Shower wall panels click together creating the perfect watertight seal for your wet shower area.

Being quick and easy to install this stylish alternative to tiles requires no grouting reducing time to install and cost.

Easy to clean shower walls

Shower enclosures are used often and have a regular build-up of water. This build-up generally creates unwanted and unsightly grime, especially in tile grout. With shower wall cladding there is no grouting to create a build-up and can easily be wiped down removing excess water droplets from showering. General cleaning is as easy as using warm soapy water. No chemicals are required and it will help preserve the finish of your shower wall cladding.

Quickly cover up old shower tiles

Shower wall panels are ideal for a quick makeover. They cover straight over your previously tiled shower area in no-time. You won’t have the upheaval of stripping old tiles off your walls and disposing of the waste. Quickly, create a new look for your tired old shower enclosure. You can have it done in a few hours and even save money by doing it yourself.

Shower wall panel FAQs

Can I use shower wall panels in rooms other than my bathroom?

Yes of course. There are many other applications where this type of shower panel is useful. Examples include a nursery as the panel is tough and easily wiped down. Again commercial kitchens due to the shower panel’s hygienic qualities or any wall where you want to make a feature such as a living room. With shower panels, the choice is yours.

Are shower panels waterproof?

Yes, shower wall panels have to be waterproof for the simple reason they are designed for wet walls in mind. The shower panels are non-porous in nature and with a wider width require less joins where water can penetrate. Simply seal all joints with a sealant.

What are shower wall panels made from?

There are 3 kinds of shower wall panels. The standard and most cost-effective choice is PVC. The next would be High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) which is a moisture-resistant timber board such as MDF with a waterproof laminate sealing the board with the benefit of specialist designs and textures. Acrylic tends to be the most expensive options and offers sleek polished glass-like finish for an ultra-sleek modern look.

What width sizes are available?

Shower wall panels come in a variety of sizes. The most common size chosen is 1000m (1 metre) wide as these shower panels offer the best value. Other sizes include 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm which can be useful depending on your shower wall size. Different materials and styles generally dictate what size the shower panel is available in. Shower panels can be joined to increase the length coverage to cover your whole wall.

What height do shower panels come in?

Shower wall panels come in 2400mm and 2440mm heights. Due to the width of the panels being greater than traditional panels the height is restricted from the standard lengths of 2700mm however most room heights are within this size. Alternatively, your ceiling height can easily be reduced to accommodate a room height of your choice for a very low outlay.

How thick are shower panels?

Shower panels are thicker than traditional bathroom wall panels as they have to be more rigid in construction. This has the added benefit of being stronger. Most shower panels are 10mm or 10.5mm in thickness. However acrylic shower panels are 4.5mm in thickness but solid all the way through its construction.

Are shower panels solid in construction?

Some shower wall panels are solid in construction. HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) and acrylic panels are solid in construction due to the nature of the materials, increasing the weight and cost. PVC shower wall panels have a durable honeycomb construction making them more cost-effective, easier to fit and install.

Are shower wall panels suitable for the bathroom?

Absolutely. This is the perfect scenario for shower panels as it is also a cost-effective alternative to traditional bathroom tiling. Choosing to clad your whole bathroom room not just your enclosure will give your room a durable near-seamless finish in styles not possible with tiles with the benefit of being hygienic and easy to maintain with no messy grouts.

Do I need to seal the joint’s of shower wall panels?

Yes in your wet wall areas you need to seal with a silicone sealant between the joins or your trim fittings. Simply run a small bead of silicone along the joint and bring the panel or trim together.

How do you fit a shower wall panel to the wall?

Run beads of grab adhesive across the rear of your panel. If your panel is heavy in construction it is advised to apply a larger amount of high grab adhesive or in addition fix the panels along the tongue and groove joint with screws.

Can you install directly over tiles?

One of the benefits of shower wall panels, due to their thick rigid construction is the ability to easily install over the top of existing tiles. No need to create extra work of bathroom tile stripping. As long as the wall is solid in construction your shower panel can clad directly over your shower and bathroom walls.

Can you use shower wall panels on ceilings?

In theory, yes but we would not advise it. Ceilings are not a heavy use area and due to the increased size and weight installation would be extremely difficult. This is where traditional ceiling cladding would be a better choice as it comes in a more manageable size making it a nice lightweight option to install to your ceiling.

How do you clean shower wall panels?

With fewer joints and a non-porous finish because of no-grout, shower wall panels are simply cleaned by wiping down with warm soapy water. Chemicals should not be used.

Are shower wall panels strong?

All shower wall types are strong in construction by their very nature. The large size of the panels means the construction of the panel needs to be more rigid. Even lighter weight PVC options have thicker honeycomb and outer layers. HPL and Acrylic panels are solid throughout.

Are they fire rated?

For peace of mind, all shower panels are fire rated.

Are there many designs?

Absolutely. We have a wide range of shower wall panel designs available to choose from made from a variety of materials. We also have a range of surface textures including gloss, matte and textured.

Can you get matte shower wall panels?

Yes, we have a range of matte finish shower panels to choose from in a variety of different styles. We have many customers who prefer matte finish over a gloss for reasons such as watermarks.

Do you need to trim shower wall panels?

Not necessarily. Depending on the project many customers may choose not to trim. However, trims to help join panels and help with uneven walls to form a watertight seal.

Do you have all the fittings for shower wall panels?

We have a wide range of trims to choose from that are compatible with your shower panels including Internal, External, Join, Coving and Quadrants.

How do you cut shower wall panels?

Whilst regular cladding such as 5mm and 8mm panels can be cut easily with a utility knife 10mm shower boards are more difficult. With a few scours, a 10mm PVC panel can be cut still with a utility knife. However, HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) needs cutting with a fine-toothed saw. Please consult the instructions included in the pack before proceeding to install for specific details.

What tools do I need to install shower wall panels?

You will need:
Pencil, Tape Measure, Straight Edge/Square, Utility Knife or Fine-Tooth Saw, Spirit Level, Silicone/Adhesive Gun

Can I install shower wall panels myself?

Yes, an average DIYer can install shower panels without the need for a wet trade. However, with larger shower boards we do advise creating a clear working area for cutting and 2 pairs of hands due to the size and manoeuvring.

Do I need a specialist fitter or tradesman to install shower wall panels?

While it will be easier to use an experienced fully qualified tradesman an experienced DIYer can install shower panels without the need for a wet trade.

Can you get textured shower wall panels?

We have a variety of shower panels that offer a textured surface such as Synchro shower panels.

Do you have any patterned shower wall panels?

We have a range of tile and pattern styled shower panels for those looking for a Victorian or Traditional look.

Do you offer bulk discounts on shower wall panels?

If you have a larger than usual project and need to purchase in shower wall panels in bulk we can offer bespoke rates by contacting us to discuss your project and generating a custom quote.

Do you have to use metal trims with shower wall panels?

There are a variety of trims in PVC and metal but are dependent on the type of shower board you purchase. What is most important is choosing the correct trim size. If your shower board panel is 10mm in thickness you will need a matching 10mm trim. Likewise, if your panel is 10.5mm in thickness you will need a 10.5mm trim. 4.5mm Acrylic panels do not use trims.

How should I store shower wall panels?

Always store indoors out of direct sunlight. Your shower wall panels should be stored flat on the floor. If you store them upright your run a risk of the shower board bowing in the middle which will affect the installation and finish of your panels.

Can I mix shower wall panel designs in one room?

Absolutely. The type of panel needs to be the same size so the tongue and groove on each panel match. If mixing width/depths of shower board across your wall you will need to trim the edge of the panel as the connection between the edges will not match.

Can I collect and takeaway?

Many items we carry in stock. Those items can be taken away immediately. Other items may have a lead time of up to 3 working days but usually, are available next working day. Acrylic custom panels have a lead time of up to 8 weeks due to being made to order.

Will a shower wall panel fit in my car?

Shower panels above 900mm in width tend to struggle to be fitted into a regular car. They will certainly overhang the rear end of the car. We do offer a dedicated local delivery service and nationwide delivery direct from manufacturers on some items for a charge. Due to the nature of the product, some items cannot be dispatched nationwide due to the susceptibility to damage when mixed with other variable items.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we have our own local delivery within a specified radius of a warehouse. Other items are directly delivered nationwide from the manufacturer dependent on the product. For further information please contact us. Due to the nature of the product, some items cannot be dispatched nationwide due to the susceptibility to damage when mixed with other variable items.

Are instructions included?

Full in-depth instructions are provided for installation of all shower panels. Please read thoroughly before installing. If your instructions are not included for whatever reason please let us know and we will provide a set. If you have any other outstanding questions before installation please contact us and we will assist.