White cladding

Interior PVC white cladding for walls and ceilings

Whether you are renovating your bathroom, kitchen or just looking for a perfect finish to your ceilings, white cladding is a wise choice.

It is no surprise plain white cladding is one of the most popular choices. That does not mean choosing a standard looking white panel. We have many choices in our range to add that little extra style to your clean white finish. With a variety of standard and on trend finishes there is always something that will cater to your tastes.

White is a safe neutral colour choice. Offering a clean and modern finish, white cladding makes a great choice for many applications around your home, not just in the bathroom.

Buyers guide

Choosing the correct thickness of cladding

PVC White PVC cladding panels come in a variety of thicknesses. The most popular white cladding panels are 5mm and 8mm in depth, some are even in 10mm.

But why is there a choice of thickness?

First lets talk from a price point. The thinner your white cladding the cheaper the price. Naturally with a thicker cladding more material is used and the weight increases so it raises the price.

Why would I need a thicker white cladding?

There are many reasons. Thicker cladding is stronger. The structural integrity of the panel goes up so if the white cladding is to be install in a heavy use area, its often a wise decision to consider a thicker panel if budget allows for it. The durability of your white cladding will increase as well as insulation.

Thickness becomes even more of a factor when the width of your cladding increases. Shower wall cladding panels come 1000mm wide, a 4x increase over standard white wall cladding panels. This means the larger cladding panels need to be structured to be more rigid to retain strength hence an increase to at least 10mm in depth.


Add a perfect finishing touch to your white cladding with a variety of profile trims. Don’t just choose plain white trims you can transform standard white cladding with chrome trims to make a modern luxury statement. Chrome trim will break up large spaces of white in a tasteful way adding another level of depth to your room.