Ceiling panels

Discover our selection of stylish and functional PVC ceiling panels. These affordable panels are designed to withstand bathroom humidity and moisture while providing an attractive, easy-to-clean finish. Transform your bathroom ceiling affordably with stylish waterproof, mold-resistant PVC panels!

PVC ceiling panels

Our versatile plastic cladding panels can be used in many ways, including being especially useful on ceilings. By using PVC ceiling cladding you can create a nice, clean, professional look, covering up any nasty marks, holes or uneven surfaces – common problems you come across working with ceilings.

Even out uneven ceilings with cladding

Are you sick of looking at your uneven, cracked ceilings or dated looking stippled/artexed ceilings? Our cladding panels are the perfect solution for you. They are made using PVC plastic so you can have peace of mind knowing they will never crack like plasterboard or flake off like paint.

If your ceiling is uneven to the point cladding directly onto it would make it uneven, there is a solution. By fixing battens to your ceiling before hand you can create an even surface quickly and cheaply. This will ensure the end result will be a level surface. Simply fix the ceiling cladding directly to the battens and the result will be quick coverage level ceiling surfaces.

Spotlights look great with ceiling cladding

Our ceiling cladding is perfect to use if you’re planning to install spotlights. If you’re fitting new cladding on a ceiling you can first fix all of your cables like normal. Simply fit the ceiling cladding over the top covering any old light fixings or holes even using batons to suspend. Clean fresh holes can be cut for the downlights using a cutting kit in your desired ceiling positions.

Cheap ceiling cladding is cost effective solution

Use our PVC ceiling cladding instead of plastering or painting at the fraction of the cost! No painting or messy plasterwork needed and you’ll be left with a very low maintenance, easy to clean ceiling, further saving you on the cost. Whats more its great in places such as your bathroom where you get spills and condensation.