About Us

Independent and trustworthy

Claddingstore is an independent trade outlet offering high quality products at the best value prices. Our aim is to provide unrivalled customer services and to show why we can be trusted to help you.

The team at Claddingstore has hands on experience with real cladding projects and can provide you the answers to any questions or worries you may have from purchase to installation. They are friendly and always happy to help during office hours.

Online 24/7 the website provides many of the answers to the most common questions or concerns. You may be able to get your answers here the quickest.

If your project is a bit more complicated we can discuss it in greater detail with you where you will likely find someone has already had similar issues and has overcome them.

Whether your looking for a solution for your home to clad your bathroom, kitchen, office, shop, boutique, factory, restaurant or cafe our team can provide help and guidance.

When you choose Claddingstore we won’t just look to sell you the most expensive product. We will advise you to choose what is right for your cladding project and explain to you why. Our customers trust is important to us as we work on word of mouth and repeat business.

Reputation matters to us and that means taking care of you.