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Why choose Cladding Store?

At Cladding Store we pride ourselves on providing quality products and solutions together with the best customer support. Our team are dedicated to making sure you get the right products for your projects whether that be bathroom cladding, trims or adhesives from their extensive experience.

Comprehensive range of products

We aim to provide the widest range cladding products in the UK but we won’t compromise on quality. All the products that we sell have be chosen carefully by our team to ensure they hold up to our high standards.

Can you advise me?

Absolutely! At Cladding Store we are always happy to help. If you are unsure about any part of your project using our products or what to choose, we are ready and waiting to provide guidance.

A great starting point is to check our how to guides or frequently asked questions because it is likely many others have already had the same concerns or queries answered.

If that does not answer your question then do not hesitate to get in touch with the Cladding Store team who can provide customer support on a more individual basis.

How many cladding panels do I need to order?

If you are unsure how many cladding panels you need we can help you. Give us the dimensions of the walls or ceilings you are wanting to clad and we will happily tell you how many panels you need for the type of cladding you are looking to order.

The type of cladding you wish to order will dictate the quantity for your sized up project. For example shower wall cladding comes in larger width sizes that usual. These full sheets fit perfectly into an ensuite shower to make the job easy and water tight without seams.

Usual lengths are about 2700mm long but there are times such as on longer rooms where longer panels are needed. For example, on wider room our 3000mm length ceiling cladding panels would be necessary to remove unnecessary joins in the finish.

If you are working it out yourself, don’t forget to order a few extra panels for any odd cuts or spares in case of mistakes. It can sometimes be hard to match the colours precisely on panels at a later date due to extremely small variations during the manufacturing process of the cladding. It is better to have a few extra to begin with of the same batch.

Free delivery over £150

Shop and spend over £150 on your cladding store order and you will receive free delivery. All orders under £150 will be subject to a delivery charge. If you are close to the minimum order for free delivery it might be more worthwhile to add more to your order instead of paying the delivery charge. We also offer a local delivery service.

Prices include VAT

With our cladding there are no hidden charges. At Cladding Store the price you see is the price you pay and it already includes VAT.

Will bundling save me money?

If you have a larger than usual order, get in touch, we are happy to negotiate on large scale orders especially to trade.

Can I get a discount?

We always aim to give great prices on our cladding panels by checking our prices against other sites. From time to time we do special discounts to new and existing customers.

We also offer our like-for-like price guarantee. Find a better price and we will match it. We won’t be beaten on cladding prices.