Bathroom cladding

PVC bathroom cladding panels

The bathroom is probably the most common place that PVC cladding is used and for good reason. Bathroom cladding panels tick all the boxes for why so many choose cladding over tiles on their walls or ceilings.

Waterproof for bathroom walls

Our waterproof bathroom wall panels are the perfect solution for rooms where plenty of water spills or condensation builds up such as when you are having a shower.

Waterproof bathroom cladding is easily wiped down making it the hygienic solution for your walls and ceilings. Your excess water is soaked up with a towel or naturally dried out with airflow throughout the room.

We also have a wide range of waterproof shower wall panels which fit into your ensuite shower in one piece, a quick, easy installation.

Cost effective, lightweight choice

Many people find that getting a nice, clean, professional finish for a bathroom involves the complexity of tiling the entire bathroom. To get the right finish with tiles involves bringing a specialist tiler at a large outlay. Then there is the cost of expensive tiles, adhesives and grouts. It soon adds up.

Then there is the weight of tiles, manipulating and cutting where there is always expensive waste. If the adhesive does not work correctly tiles can easily come off a wall causing more damage to the various bathroom suite elements such as your bath, toilet, basin or shower.

That is where bathroom cladding makes your project so much simpler. You can get the same desired effect with a lot less hassle than tiling by using lightweight bathroom wall cladding. There is a huge range of cladding panels that even come in designer tile effects so you wouldn’t know it is not tiled at first glance. With no weight issues it removes so much of the complexity and it is cheap.

Easier to install compared to tiles

Designer bathroom wall cladding with tile effects from Vox is a great example as an alternative to real tiles at a fraction of the cost.Many bathrooms have uneven walls from previous tiling for instance that can be easily covered by even a modest DIYer. Don’t worry you don’t need to work around timing of adhesive and grouts going off, the cladding is good to go once installed.

It easily clips together with tongue and groove fitting to cover your bathroom walls and ceilings with cutters to even manage fitting your spotlights hassle free.

Bathroom ceiling cladding

There is also a good range of bathroom ceiling cladding to match your room decor whilst providing a waterproof barrier. Any rising condensation that forms on the panels will easily disperse or can be wiped away with a cloth or towel.

We have a wide range of bathroom cladding for ceilings, some with simple flat surfaces and others with more advanced grooved effects in clean crisp colours. These include high gloss white cladding for a standard look, that you can quickly and easily refresh your bathroom with whilst remaining a neutral, modern decor style. Your plastic ceiling cladding can be used in bathrooms already tiled to cover your existing ceiling without the work and mess to take the tiles down.

Cutters are available to easily cut holes out in seconds for your spotlights to fit through the bathroom ceiling cladding panels. Extractor fans are easily installed as the plastic cladding sheets are straightforward to manipulate with cutouts for a variety of scenarios whilst still retaining their strength.

Great choice for the bathroom

So, to conclude. Yes you can get a designer look for your bathroom for less effort and a lower cost than tiles. Choose from our wide range of PVC bathroom cladding panel styles and we are more than willing to help guide you through your bathroom DIY project.