Wall cladding

PVC wall cladding panels

Cladding your walls is a great alternative to tiling or painting, covering all manner of surfaces our plastic wall cladding panels create a professional finish in half the time and in many cases, a cheaper cost.

Easy to clean hygienic wall cladding

Stylish plastic cladding for feature wall.One of the big attractions to using PVC wall cladding is that it is incredibly easy to clean, simply using warm soapy water and a cloth will wipe away any stains as a result of daily life and mishaps.

You can use it in many areas, kitchens for example, during food preparation there’s bound to be splashes and spills that would result in nasty build ups.

On normal painted walls or on tiles and grout lines this is unhygienic, with PVC cladding this is easily solved by wiping the area clean. This is why it is a perfect solution used in restaurants and surgeries.

Unique look in many different areas

Cladding can be used in many areas of the home as well as in commercial situations whether it be in a restaurant providing a nice warm welcome to your customers, or in a salon giving a professional finish to the area.

Cladding doesn’t just have to be used for domestic purposes, it’s also perfect for commercial use too. Get in touch if you want further inspiration.

Easier to install compared to tiles

Choose to use PVC wall cladding and it will be very cost effective. It can be installed in half the time by most handymen or avid DIYers which will save you massively on cost not to mention how easy it is to actually fit. There is no grouting or special sets of skills needed to install wall cladding.

Our plastic interior wall panels will clad a very large area with only one panel!

In comparison to tiling your walls, by cladding them instead you will save around 5 times the cost as you don’t need the grout, adhesives and potential tiler costs.

Cladding looks great on your wall

Be it a bathroom, a kitchen or even a salon our PVC wall cladding will provide a nice professional look whatever your requirements are. Choose from our wide range of styles, our range is increasing all the time with some designer looks. Alternatively get in touch and let us help you to design your perfect look!