White Brick Tile Cladding – Mattone Bianco

White Brick Tile Cladding – Mattone Bianco

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White brick tile effect cladding from the VOX Motivo range known as Mattone Bianco will add that designer look without the cost of tiles and hassle to install.

  • Comes in a pack of 4 panels
  • Pack coverage of 2.7m²
  • Each panel is 2700mm x 250mm
  • Quick and simple to install
  • No grouting required
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Recyclable


Mattone Bianco – MOTIVO by Vox

Designer White Brick Effect Tile Cladding

We all crave that designer interior feel, like in show homes. One option you have is decorative internal white brick walls. It will give you that ultra chic look that you desire.

But that is usually expensive, time consuming and needs a specialist tiler. Or is it?

No, not anymore.

Using a fake white brick effect cladding such as Mattone Bianco you can have a simple, affordable and stylish wall. All without the hassle of painstakingly tiling each individual white brick slip on your internal walls.

These white faux brick panels are really easy for you to fit. Neutrally coloured it works to create stylish modern rooms for homes, offices, shops and restaurants.

Affordable feature wall with a premium finish

If you are looking for a feature decor wall for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or even your office you can’t go wrong.

Mattone Bianco has a premium finish. You will instantly transform your room. Family and friends will comment about how stylish your room looks. Even more surprised when you tell them it is wall cladding. That’s only if you want to tell them!

It is cost effective and easier for you to install than individual white brick tiles. You can use your own DIY skills.

The alternative is you can hire an expensive tiler if your own personal tiling skills aren’t up to scratch. Don’t forget you will need to spend more money on adhesive and grouting. I don’t know about you but my tiling skills aren’t good enough. They always fall off the wall!

It’s your choice if you share how affordable and effortless your brick effect wall is with your friends and family.

Quickly cover problematic uneven walls

Plain plastered walls are boring and drab. Wallpaper tires, gets damaged and goes out of fashion. Not forgetting it takes ages to strip.

No one is going to say, ‘Wow i’ve never seen a wall like that before’, or ‘I have never seen that colour before’. Especially true with uneven, cracked walls with patched up plaster for old wall lights or striped wallpaper.

Yes, we all have those gremlins in our ‘real’ homes which we all get embarrassed about. With the Mattone Bianco faux brick panels you can easily cover these problems and get a unique wow factor.

Waterproof, hygienic & easy to clean

Even though it looks like white brick tiles, it is made from durable PVC. This means it’s 100% waterproof and easy to clean unlike wallpaper, making it the hygienic option.

These benefits allow this white brick decor cladding to be used in many more cases. That’s why it’s chosen for many commercially demanding situations.

Successful working examples & ideas

Did you know that many hotels, restaurants and retail shops use this type of cladding to give that wow factor?

You can have the same now in your own home using Mattone Bianco white brick panels. This very exclusive MOTIVO range, new from Vox, is already incredibly popular across Europe.

You can easily cover an entire room with the brick effect of Mattone Bianco panels. However we feel the best impact is using it for a feature wall effect. This is a cheaper, cost effective way of getting the impact on a smaller surface area.

Examples we have seen it work amazingly well are:

  • Covering your alcove walls either side of your chimney breast in the living room.
  • Over a full wall at the opposite end of your kitchen such as your dining room wall.
  • The wall behind the headboard of your bed.
  • Behind the desk wall of your office.

There really are many places it could be used with a just a little bit of your imagination.

Not many people are aware of it’s recent availability in the UK at such an affordable price. This is due to the reduction of costs in the technology and production methods used during manufacturing.

Vox manufacture other stylish premium designs with the same advanced 3D technology to produce a variety of designer wall cladding.

Dimensions, coverage & installation advice

Spread over 4 panels the faux white brick pattern the cladding panels cover a 2.7m² area. The pattern itself 1 metre wide.

Each individual Mattone Bianco panel is 270cm in height and 25cm in width (2700mm x 250mm).

Due to the repeat 4 panel pattern, packs of Mattone Bianco can only be sold in sets of 4 and not as individuals like regular wall cladding.

Each panel in a pack is numbered 1 to 4, ordered left to right correctly for installation. The pattern will repeat correctly over the 1 metre width.

Don’t worry it is really simple to install. The pack comes with a small instruction manual with a simple set of steps to follow.

If you have any questions or concerns about installing your Mattone Bianco cladding we are here to help you. Give our customer support a call, drop us an email or chat online. We are more than happy to help or answer any of your questions about our products.

Free samples

The MOTIVO range from Vox is slightly more expensive than regular wall cladding. A difference of approximately 40% per panel. However it is clearly a superior product both in terms of quality and design.

We can provide you with FREE samples of the white brick tile effect Mattone Bianco panels. You can view it up close to assess personally or alternatively our cladding showroom for a demo.

Price promise

We check our prices daily and we are up to 15% cheaper than our competitors.

But we also have the CladdingStore iron ‘clad’ price promise*. You are safe that you are getting the best deal when you buy your white brick cladding online from us. We will match other valid prices.

We even offer free delivery** on orders. So you can have your white brick cladding order on your doorstep in 48 hours.


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