Tile effect cladding

Tile Effect PVC cladding panels

Save money on your bathroom tiling by choosing tile effect cladding instead of ceramic tiles

Thinking of tiling your bathroom with ceramic tiles? Have you thought about the cost? What about the mess it makes? With stripping existing tiles, using messy adhesives and grouts. Not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to use the bathroom for days. Thats before we even talk about the cost of a professional tiler who is usually fully booked. Even then you don’t know if you can trust them to do a good job. If you choose to do it yourself to save money you might not get the final finish you’re looking for and thats before you take into account the time and expensive tools.

There is an alternative, easier, cheaper way!

Tile effect bathroom cladding

Take a look at the quicker more cost effective alternative to traditional ceramic tiles – tile effecting bathroom cladding. Using the latest, stylish designs you can get the wow factor at a cheaper cost with way less time and hassle.

When you see it you can’t believe it’s not tiles. It looks so realistic. At a fraction of the cost of ceramic tiles you can achieve the desired modern stylish look that your bathroom deserves.

You only need basic DIY skills to install tile effect wall panels. Installed easily, in a fraction of the time it takes to ceramic tile a bathroom you can do it yourself and save money. 

Tile effect cladding really is a goto option now when choosing to tile your bathroom. With a wide range of finishes including the popular grey stone tile effect, panels install with a brick pattern effect just like regular tiles.