Shower wall cladding

As well as ceilings and walls our cladding can even be used in shower areas. Our shower wall cladding simply fits together creating a watertight seal no silicone required on the joints. Shower panels offer a clean, modern and easy solution as well as being cost effective.

Watertight panels for shower enclosures

Looking for an alternative to tiling your shower area and enclosure? Our high quality PVC cladding is the perfect solution for you. Shower wall panels click together creating the perfect watertight seal for your wet shower area.

Being quick and easy to install this stylish alternative to tiles requires no grouting reducing time to install and cost.

Easy to clean shower walls

Shower enclosures are used often and have a regular build up of water. This build up generally creates grime, especially in tile grout. With shower wall cladding there is no grouting for this build up and can easily be wiped down removing excess water build up from showering. General cleaning is as easy as using warm soapy water, no chemical are required and helps preserve the finish of your shower wall cladding.

Quickly cover up old shower tiles

Looking to makeover an existing previously tiled shower area and you don’t want the upheaval of stripping old tiles off your walls? Not to worry as our shower wall panels can be fitted directly onto old tiles or walls creating a new look for your tired old shower enclosure. Whats more you can have it done in a few hours and do it yourself.