Small Brick Tile Anthracite Grey 8mm x 250mm x 2700mm
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Small Brick Tile Anthracite Grey 8mm x 250mm x 2700mm

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Easily refresh your walls with PROPANEL® Small Brick Tile Anthracite cladding. Achieve the timeless charm of brick tiles at a more affordable cost and with less hassle compared to traditional tiling.

  • Stunning modern tile effect design!
  • 8mm thick panel
  • Panels can be purchased individually
  • Coverage of up to 0.675m²
  • Each panel is 2700mm x 250mm
  • Quick and simple to install
  • No grouting required
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Recyclable

Elevate your walls effortlessly with PROPANEL® Small Brick Tile Anthracite Grey 8mm. Experience the charm of a modern brick tile effect without the hassle of traditional bricks, thanks to our range of PVC decorative cladding.

Revitalize your space with a contemporary and refreshed ambiance using the Brick Tile effect range from PROPANEL®. This versatile range allows you to mix and match various wall patterns, giving you the appearance of traditional brickwork without the limitations.

Compared to conventional bricks, our Brick Tile range offers a quick and hassle-free installation process. Enjoy the benefits of easy maintenance, impeccable hygiene, and cost-effectiveness, all without the need for laborious and expensive mortar.

The Anthracite Grey Small Brick Tile is perfect for creating captivating feature walls, with its small brick designs and appealing anthracite tones. The panel features a sleek matte finish and a sturdy 8mm thickness, providing both style and practicality with enhanced strength and insulation.

Complement the Anthracite Grey Small Brick Tile with other panels in our Brick Tile range to explore various captivating wall patterns. Each 250mm wide panel effortlessly harmonizes with others, giving you the freedom to realize your unique vision.

For instance, you can accentuate your shower enclosure with the Anthracite Small Brick Tile, creating an eye-catching feature. Alternatively, consider adding individual strips of small brick tiles behind his and her basins for a personalized touch of elegance. The possibilities are endless with PROPANEL® Brick Tile.

Our panels are carefully engineered to conceal panel joins within the brick pattern, resulting in a near seamless finish that enhances the overall aesthetic. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance, as cleaning the Brick Tile cladding is as simple as wiping it clean with warm soapy water.

Installing our Brick Tile panels is a straightforward process, suitable even for average DIYers. Featuring a randomized brick pattern, the panels can be easily cut to fit the vertical height of your room. Achieve professional results with ease during installation.

To install the Anthracite Small Brick Tile, cut the panel to your desired dimensions, apply suitable grab adhesive to the rear, and affix it to any even-surfaced wall, including over existing tiles. Enjoy a hassle-free transformation that adds style and functionality to your space.

Upgrade your walls effortlessly and embrace the captivating beauty of PROPANEL® Small Brick Tile Anthracite Grey 8mm. Experience the allure of modern brick tile effect cladding without the fuss.

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Dimensions 2700 × 250 × 8 mm







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Decor, Modern Tile

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PROPANEL® is a market leader in decorative PVC cladding panels for both ceilings and walls. With a wide range of the latest styles and innovations, their panels are a premium brand quality that stands out from the competition by their unique strength and quality. What's more, they offer a variety of long-lasting guarantees for peace of mind, unlike other poorer imitations.