Grey Tile Effect Cladding 8mm x 250mm x 2800mm

Grey Tile Effect Cladding 8mm x 250mm x 2800mm

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One of the best sellers is our Stone Grey Tile Effect cladding panels. Regularly mistaken as real tiles this tile effect panel features a stunning tile effect, with realistic textured grout lines that gives you the luxury look of tiles for a fraction of the price. It is often mistaken for actual tiles at first glance as many people have not seen decorative cladding of this type before.

  • CUTLINE – Realistic tile effect grout lines!
  • Stronger 8mm thickness
  • Tile effect decor range
  • Panels can be purchased individually
  • Coverage of up to 0.7m²
  • Each panel is 2800mm x 250mm
  • Quick and simple to install
  • No grouting required
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Recyclable

8mm Stone Grey Tile Effect Cladding

Waterproof Stone Grey Tile PVC Cladding Panels

Stone Grey Tile Effect panels feature realistic tile attributes such as textured grout lines that feel like real tile grouting when you touch them. It gives you the impression of a tiled wall. This effect is known as cutline.

The grout lines are featured along the edge of each panel, and periodically across the face of the panel which creates an excellent tile effect, as an added benefit these grout lines also hide the panel joins so the effect is continuous across the entire surface while hiding all joints within the grout lines.

With tiled walls you eventually have to redo rotten or old grout as it discolours and weakens over time, why not save yourself on cost? as with our Stone Grey Tile Effect panels you will never have to touch up any grouting as they’re incorporated directly into the design of the panels instead.

They can be fitted either horizontally or vertically depending on the look you’re going for, both provide an excellent tile effect.

Save yourself on cost with our cutline grey tile effect cladding. There is no tile adhesive, no grouting and considerably less mess. Our tile effect cladding takes very little time to fit, and is simple to fit for any avid DIY-er.

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Dimensions 2800 × 250 × 8 mm





Cutline, Tile Effect

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