3m Gloss White Cladding 8mm x 250mm x 3000mm
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3m Gloss White Cladding 8mm x 250mm x 3000mm

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3m gloss white cladding in 8mm thickness is one of our best selling style of panels because they are incredibly versatile and look great. These extra length 3m white cladding panels are great for longer length ceilings and walls in your bathroom or kitchen. Ideally suited to the widest range of projects. With a glossy white finish they reflect light well, making any room look instantly fresh, clean and bright.

  • 3m cladding panel length
  • Extra 30mm more than 2.7m white cladding panels
  • Panels can be purchased individually
  • Stronger 8mm thickness panel
  • Panel coverage of up to 0.75m²
  • Each panel is 3000mm x 250mm x 8mm in size
  • Quick and simple to install
  • No grouting required
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Recyclable

3m Gloss White Cladding 8mm

Extra length 3m long 8mm white cladding panels create a modern look – perfect for bathrooms or kitchens that have longer ceilings or extra high walls

Quickly refresh any room for that instant just freshly painted look that brilliant white always gives. Made from PVC these 3m long hi gloss 8mm white cladding panels are perfect for so many applications they are used by installers time after time as their easy go to option. Great for bathrooms? Yes! Great for ceilings? Yes! Great for the kitchen? Yes! The list goes on.

Easily install for a fresh, bright finish with these stronger 8mm gloss white cladding panels. You can’t go wrong.

3m Long White Cladding 8mm

With an extra 300mm over the standard length panels of 2700mm, these panels can cover 3000mm walls and ceilings. This helps when your bathroom or kitchen has a wall or ceiling which is 3m or under. It helps to avoid a joining H trim through the middle of your wall or ceiling, giving a superior finish.

These gloss white cladding panels are the extra strength, heavy duty 8mm thick version. Even more rigid than their lightweight 5mm counterpart.

While costing a fraction more than the 5mm white gloss cladding they offer more durability. Often easier to work with when installing to ceilings and other situations as the 8mm flexes less being a more rigid cladding panel. The more robust construction makes 8mm gloss white cladding a perfect choice in heavy use areas such as bathrooms for families.

High Gloss Brilliant White Finish

White is always a safe option they say, but there is a reason. It looks great and goes with any other colour. It especially looks great your bathroom.

These gloss white cladding panels are the perfect solution for your bathroom walls and ceilings. Refreshing your room to look clean and modern, but can be used in many other rooms of your home.

With white PVC cladding you can refresh your bathroom walls and ceilings at a cheaper cost than a full retile. No need to get a tile adhesives, grouts or a professional tiler for the correct finish. You can easily install cladding in a fraction of the time and as a simple DIY project. It’s no wonder so many people choose white cladding for their bathroom makeover.

If you are looking for an extended length panel to cover a ceiling or wall between 2.7m and 3m these white gloss panels are ideal for your bathroom or kitchen ceiling.

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Dimensions 3000 × 250 × 8 mm




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2700mm x 250mm x 8mm

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Wall Panels






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