White Gemstone Cladding 5mm x 250mm x 2700mm
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White Gemstone Cladding 5mm x 250mm x 2700mm

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5mm White Gemstone cladding is one of our best selling plastic panels because they are lightweight and look great. With so many types of projects they can be used for, they are a safe choice for your bathrooms, walls and ceilings. With a subtle sparkle finish they reflect light well, making any room look clean and bright while adding a bit of character.

  • Panels can be purchased individually
  • Lightweight 5mm thick panel
  • Panel coverage of up to 0.675m²
  • Each panel is 2700mm x 250mm x 5mm in size
  • Quick and simple to install
  • No grouting required
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Recyclable

White Gemstone Cladding 250mm x 2700mm x 5mm

5mm thick White Gemstone PVC cladding panels – suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, walls and ceilings.

Our spectacular White Gemstone cladding may just be what you need to brighten up your tired looking bathroom, kitchen or even bedroom. This particular range of our sparkle panel has a more subtle sparkle effect compared to our other designs.

The sparkles embedded in the panel are smaller and more tightly packed together, resulting in a more refined, consistent and glistening sparkle across the face of each panel.

You could say the surface will look as if it has been sprinkled with glitter, making the entire surface shimmer.

White Gemstone would suit a variety of applications not just bathrooms and kitchens, any area that could do with a bit of glamour, such as salons and nail parlours would really benefit from glimmering wall and ceilings, adding to the elegance and flashy aspects expected of such places.

Our gemstone cladding range is designed to be hygienic and easy to clean making it perfect for most interior applications, especially high use areas that require regular cleaning, our cladding makes it a doddle.

Being only 5mm in depth these White Gemstone cladding panels are useful in situations where clearance is restricted and a thinner panel is needed as to not overlap adjoining surfaces. Laying onto a wall’s surface you lose less room space all around using 5mm versus the 8mm which can be important when laying on top of tiles or installing to on your ceiling.

You may already have tiles on a wall and fitting an 8mm panel onto the surface may bring it over the top of your skirting boards or architraves. By using a thinner 5mm White Gemstone wall panel you can stay within the limits for a better finish. As an added benefit to installing directly to tiles the 5mm wall panels strength and rigidity will be boosted due to the solid surface underneath, saving you both time, mess and money.

There are certainly plenty applications where a 5mm White Gemstone wall panel can be beneficial or a cheaper alternative.

With 5mm White Gemstone PVC cladding you can refresh your bathroom walls and ceilings at a cheaper cost than a full retile. No need to buy tile adhesives, grouts or hire a professional tiler for the correct finish. You can easily install cladding in a fraction of the time and as a simple DIY project. It’s no wonder so many people choose White Gemstone for their bathroom makeover.

Quickly cover problematic uneven walls

5mm White Gemstone cladding will quickly brighten up plain, drab, boring plastered walls and ceilings. If you have any blemishes, cracks, tired or unfashionable wall paper, you can cover it quickly without any stripping.

Already tiled walls? Not a problem. These 5mm White Gemstone cladding panels can go straight over the top.

Waterproof, hygienic & easy to clean

Being of PVC construction it is 100% waterproof making it hygienic, easy to wipe down and keep clean and hygienic.

Successful working examples & ideas

White Gemstone cladding is perfect for bathroom walls and is incredibly versatile. Use it in the kitchen, utility, garage, hallway and loft. It can even be used in many commercial projects including shops, restaurants and beauty salons.

Being such a flexible, cost effective alternative to tiles, White Gemstone PVC cladding is the perfect choice.

There really are many places White Gemstone cladding can be used with a just a little bit of your imagination.

Dimensions, coverage & installation advice

5mm White Gemstone cladding can be purchased in individual panel lengths. Each panel is 250mm wide, 2700mm (2.7m) long in length and 5mm in depth.

Each panel has a coverage of up to 0.675m² dependent upon how it is trimmed.

Installation is really simple and straight forward making it a goto choice for any regular DIYer not just professional tradesmen.

A tongue and groove design makes fitting each panel easy. For a full waterproof protective seal in splash areas, seal each joint with silicone before fitting the panels into each other.

If you have any questions or concerns about installing your 5mm White Gemstone cladding we are here to help you. Give our customer support a call, drop us an email or chat online. We are more than happy to help or answer any of your questions about our products.

Free samples

We know that there are many types of finish and colour, especially various tones of white.

To remove any concerns we encourage you to order FREE samples of our 5mm White Gemstone cladding panels. You can view it up close to assess personally or alternatively our cladding showroom for a demo.

Price promise

We check our prices daily and we are up to 15% cheaper than our competitors.

But we also have the Cladding Store iron ‘clad’ price promise*. You are safe that you are getting the best deal when you buy your 5mm gloss White Gemstone cladding panels online from us. We will match other valid prices from online retail shops.

We even offer free delivery** on orders. So you can have your 5mm gloss White Gemstone cladding order on your doorstep in 48 hours.

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Dimensions 2700 × 250 × 5 mm






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2700mm x 250mm x 5mm

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Wall Panels






PROPANEL® is a market leader in decorative PVC cladding panels for both ceilings and walls. With a wide range of the latest styles and innovations, their panels are a premium brand quality that stands out from the competition by their unique strength and quality. What's more, they offer a variety of long-lasting guarantees for peace of mind, unlike other poorer imitations.


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