Silver Chrome Effect Quadrant Trim
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Silver Chrome Effect Quadrant Trim

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Silver quadrant cladding trim with a chrome effect finish in 2700mm or 4000mm length.

  • Compatible with cladding panels
  • Chrome effect finish
  • Concave profile
  • 2700mm & 4000mm in length
  • Easily cut to custom sizes
  • Suitable for interior walls, bathrooms & ceilings
  • Helps form a waterproof barrier when sealed
  • Class 1 fire rated
  • Sold individually
  • Quick & easy installation
  • 100% Recyclable

Silver Quadrant Chrome Effect Trim 2700mm / 4000mm

Utilised for finishing internal corner joints this silver quadrant angle cladding trim will cover gaps at 90 degree corner cladding cuts to leave a smooth, stylish chrome effect finish

Quadrant trims are generally used as an easier to fit alternative to internal corners, rather than having to strip down an internal corner to fit the quadrant trim is simply adhered directly to the corner joint.

Mainly used for the internal corners of clad rooms, the quadrant trim is suitable for any internal joint including wet areas, providing the corner has been sealed prior to fitting.

Due to the fitting characteristic of the Quadrant trim, a larger gap can be covered than a regular internal corner trim, quadrants provide coverage of up to 10mm gaps at corner joints as opposed to the normal maximum of 5mm for an internal trim.

This particular silver quadrant trim boasts a shiny and reflective chrome effect along its surface, which provides any cladding area with a plain colour or repetitive pattern a way of breaking up the continuity with a bit of stylish flare.

With a shiny chrome like effect, this quadrant leaves a modern, smooth finish on any internal joint you fit it to.

All of our trims are suitable for wet areas, we recommend applying a bead of silicone along the insert of each trim before fitting the cladding to it, this ensures a water tight seal between the cladding panels and the trim.

Due to the simple fitting process installation is a breeze for the average DIY’er.

The Silver Quadrant Chrome Effect trim comes in 2700mm lengths (2.7m) and 4000mm lengths (4m).


Additional information

Dimensions 2700 × 24 × 24 mm





5mm, 8mm

Pack Size


Room Suitability

interior walls & bathrooms

Fire Rating

Class 1




Chrome Effect

Compatible With

all cladding panels

Trim Profile



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